Help for Sign Up for Event

You opened this Sign up for event page by clicking a sign-up or wait list button on a calendar or a Register button in an invitation email message.

To learn more about one of the options on the sign-up page, click the option link below. (To hide the option information, click the link a second time.)

Tip Depending upon the nature and circumstances of the event, you may not see all these options and, if the organizer created a custom event registration form, you may be asked to fill out additional information fields.

Your Name

Your name field

If you received an email invitation to sign up for the event, your name is already listed here.

If you clicked a sign-up or wait list button on a website calendar to register, type your name in the space provided.

Your email address

Your email address field

If you received an invitation to register for the event, you won't see this field.

If you clicked a sign-up or wait list button on a website calendar to register, type your email address in the space provided.

Note When you sign up to attend an event, your email address is made available to the event organizer.

Update registration information

If you already registered for an open sign-up event, you can update your registration status by clicking Update registration information.

Update registration information link

  1. To modify your original response, click Get Registration Information.

    Get registration information button

  2. On the page that opens, click OK or Decline.

Tip If you were invited to an event and you registered, you receive a confirmation email message. To modify your response to the invitation, open the confirmation email, and then click Change Registration.

Repeating event

If, in the Sign Up for Event form, the event you're signing up for is labeled a Repeating event, it means the event is part of repeating series. For example, a class event is often a series of occurrences that repeats weekly over a period of a month or two.

When you register for a repeating event, exactly what you're registering for depends upon how the event creator set up the registration options.

If the repeating event is listed:

  • Like this

    Repeating event sign-up for single occurrence

    You're signing up for just that one occurrence.

  • Like this (with a Repeats field)

    Repeating event sign-up for all occurrences

    You're signing up for every occurrence in the series.

  • Like this

    Repeating event sign-up options

    You can decide whether you want to register only for the single occurrence, for the entire series, or for selected occurrences in the series.

Tip If, on a calendar, you find a repeating series that has open registration (that is, you see sign-up or wait list buttons beside the events in the calendar) and you want to attend the entire series, be sure to locate the first occurrence in the series before you click the sign-up or wait list button.

Event is full

Event is full alert

You see this message if the event organizer set a registration limit, which has been met. You may have the option of adding your name to a waiting list.

The deadline for responding to this event has passed

Registration deadline has passed alert

You see this message if the event organizer set a registration deadline and that deadline has passed. You won't be able to sign up for the event.

Event title, location, notes, date, time, and more

Event information example

This information describes the event for which you are signing up. The event information you see may not look exactly like this information. The event organizer decides what information to list about an event.

Number attending

Number attending option

You see this option if the event organizer lets attendees bring guests. For example, the event might be a company picnic to which employees can bring partners and children. Select the number of others that you plan to bring with you.

Status (response list)

If the event organizer elected to make the response list available to everyone who signs up for the event, you'll see the response list under Status. The list shows you who else has responded and whether they are attending or not.


Response buttons

Select OK if you plan to attend the event.

If you were invited to the event or you're changing your registration status and you won't attend, click Decline.